1. Your journal and setting Intentions

Setting your intention for success 

You want to set an intention so that you let your unconscious mind know that you are serious about this stuff.

Grab a cuppa, relax and allow yourself to dream.

Your life will change based on how you approach this journey.

Remember it's not about having stuff, it's who you become on the way to getting what you want.

On the first page of your journal write a short intention note to the Universe.

In the video I show you a powerful way to set the intentions for a new journal. Have a go it is lots of fun.

What do I want?

We want our unconscious mind to start looking for what we want. Let's keep this simple. In your journal write I want... Write for 10 minutes. Next write about your perfect day. Later we will do this in full in envisioning.

All we want to do now is start the process.

Your intentions

Dear Universe,

My intention for this short journey is...

All my love [your name]

Sign and date the page. Say your intention(s) out loud.

These are the intentions from the video:

  • I am open to discovering all that I am on the way to getting what I want
  • I am fully open to receiving all of the abundance that the Universe has to offer me
  • I am an open channel for spirit to work with me for the highest good of all

If you have white sage you could also cleanse your journal.

Bring energy and intentions to your journal.pdf