Kick start your manifesting magic!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

The course is split into several areas:

  • What is manifesting and the law of attraction
  • Getting started and setting the scene activities
  • A manifesting process to follow

The course has been designed to help kick-start your manifesting magic. You are going to create what I call a bucket list for your soul which you can bring to life throughout the coming year.

There isn't a secret formula, but there is a process to manifesting magic and I aim to teach what I know.

It’s no secret that the obstacles that we feel that stand in the way of our best life can make us feel discouraged, doubtful and confused.

I've created a process that works, because it focuses on:

  • YOU and what's happening within you
  • Your energy, being in balance and alignment
  • The heart and gratitude
  • It will help you to hear the whispers of your soul
  • Lighting you up
  • It does not focus on the ego's desires - although you can focus on whatever you want
  • Uncovering what stands in your way
  • Being open to spirit (Universe, Grace, God, Your Guides)
  • The power of journaling
  • Making the process fun, easy and simple

It's about making simple mindset and energetic changes in yourself...and then taking aligned action.

I'm helping you stay inspired, motivated and aligned to your desires.

  • You'll learn a wide variety of practices and strategies to kick-start your manifesting magic
  • You'll become aware of how you use your energy
  • You'll have 21 days of ideas and a process to help you engage with how to get what you want
  • You'll be able to go on and apply these skills to other areas of your life
  • You'll develop confidence in yourself and know what you really want
  • You'll get my support and daily encouragement
  • The energy in this course will improve every area of your life

The key to success in manifesting magic comes from trying different things and finding what best works for you.

Welcome to this kick-starter course and the start of magic in your life.

Journal it: Grab a pen and write I want and freewrite for ten minutes


This 21 day adventure is a kick-start and a taster of what is to come in Journey Of The Heart, my 12 week program. Where you will discover the principles for breaking free from what holds you back, discovering who you are and what your heart and soul desires. You'll go on a journey with your heart through the chakras and find the clarity and inner peace that you want.

On this program you will feel more grounded, connected to your heart, positive, calm, confident, centred and in control. You will have a much greater understanding of your mind, heart, energy and how you hold the power.

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