What do you want?

Manifesting is about what?

You have already had an overview in the welcome video and I hope that you have given it some thought.

So many people think it is about having things:

  • New clothes
  • A car
  • A partner
  • A house

And in a way it is.

We want stuff, I know I do. But I do not want stuff for the sake of it, I want to feel a certain way when I get what I want.


I want to learn about me on the way.

The most important things in life for me are that I remember to:

  • Love and appreciate me
  • Stay happy to be me
  • Maintain balance and my inner peace
  • Be the CEO of my life
  • Do no harm to others - always do things for the highest good of all
  • Consider the impact my actions have on myself and the wider world
  • And make sure my dogs are happy and safe

So, when I am in alignment with my desires, know that they are for my highest good and I take daily action towards them, I know that I am manifesting for the good of all.

What do you want?

We will look at what you want later. Just for now think about what you want and how it will make you and the people around you feel when you get it.


Let's say you want a new job.

I was once in a position where a contract had gone horribly wrong and I was owed thousands. My partner was unemployed and not in a good place mentally.

I wanted to be paid, but realistically that was not going to happen and the energy of suing someone with everything going on was too much for me.

I decided that I wanted a job and out of the two of us, I was more likely to get one. But it couldn't be any old job, it had to be inspiring and fulfilling - yeah I know right...

I started off by just thinking about what kind of job I would like and how that would make me feel. I considered how that would change the energy at home and how all of that would impact his family and how I showed up in the world.

Then I followed the rest of the process and I got a great job.

Over to you.

Journal it: What do you want and how will you feel when you get it?

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