Outlining your book - Overview

Making outlining simple and stress free

Outlining your book will give you a clear structure. A pathway from one chapter to the next, helps you to connect each chapter to the overall theme and helps you to answer questions that your reader may have.

In this lecture I will talk you through the overall process that I use, so that you are prepared. Have your reader profile and core message handy to ensure you stay focused.


  1. Visualisation
  2. Step it out
  3. Your book journey brainstorm
  4. Mindmapping
  5. Rough synopsis
  6. Questions, chapter titles, messages and call to actions
  7. Talk it out

Understand the process and decide when and how you will do this. The weekend is a perfect time to outline your book, as you can tackle each part of the process and do other 'weekendy' things in your reflection time. Keep an open mind and try all of the steps. They work and you will get closer and closer to the right outline.

You can also enlist the support of the family and friends. Imagine presenting your book idea and outline to them?

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