About you as a planner and how to plan your book your way

What kind of planner are you?

It is vital that when you begin to write your book you understand your preferences, as this will help you not only get started, but actually finish and get published.

Aspects of planning, writing and editing your book will be easier for some than others, because each of us have preferences for the way in which we think, learn and do. In this lecture we are looking at what kind of a planner you are, so that you can plan this book in the best way for you.

Download the worksheet, work through the types, decide which you are and work out how you will flex your style.

Our ways of thinking feel a ‘natural’ part of us. You may be unaware of these non-conscious patterns until you learn to recognise them. You can learn to recognise them through your language and behaviours. Having a preference for a particular pattern of can be very beneficial when that pattern is useful in a particular context. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to adapt your behaviour.

Consider how being more flexible with your thinking and behaviour may lead to more productive outcomes. This is often why book projects fail – people simply do not know why they get into overwhelm or lose the motivation to write. It is all down to your preferences…

ACTIONS: Get to know how you like to do things, because this is a critical element of getting your book written and published.

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