Getting ideas for your non fiction book

A week of observation

A week of observation is a great way to become a witness to what is going on around you. Firstly you have your notebook which will help you to capture ideas, then you need somewhere to see them all as a big picture. Having an ideas wall is a wonderful to ‘see’ everything and to be able to make sense of stuff that comes to you. When I consult, I always recommend visual management for pulling ideas and what needs to be done together.While you wait, how about looking at how you can get ideas.

Your week of observation. What are you noticing?

Find a blank wall (or the back of a door or perhaps the fridge) grab some post it notes and every time something comes up that feels like to could contribute, pop it on the wall.

The week before is all about getting your creative juices flowing so that once you start the rest of this process you have much more clarity.

ACTION: Find a blank wall and keep putting up ideas without censoring them. Keep your reflections in your journal. At the end of your week, start to make sense. Move things around and play with this. Leave it up for now, you will know when it's time to take it down.

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