Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Giving thanks makes you happy. Journaling helps to create change. Bring them both together, and that is the incredible power of word alchemy. When you write about what you appreciate, there is a vibration that is carried to the page. Try writing and then moving your hands over the words. I wonder what you will sense? Try it again by saying what you are grateful for, how does that change the energy for you? Gratitude journaling creates a magical vibrational energy that flows throughout your being and out into the world.

Your gratitude journal

As you go about your day, engage your senses as often as possible so that you become aware of the things you can feel grateful for and appreciate. Then take a moment to be present to each element as you notice it and become aware of your feelings. Also go deeper and fully understand what has been made available to you.

When you begin your gratitude practice recall what you have noticed during the day or week. When you are ready, write between one and three things that you are grateful for stated in the present tense. They can be anything.


Journal it: State I am grateful for… For example:

  • I am grateful that it is safe to love me
  • I am grateful that I am surrounded by beautiful and loving friends and family
  • I am grateful for my healthy boundaries and kind heart

When it comes to gratitude, write anything from the mundane to the magnificent, while focusing on the heart chakra area.

Challenges and lessons

What challenges and lessons came up from the things you felt gratitude for. In writing this, it will open your awareness to the deeper meaning of gratitude.


What gifts did the things you are grateful for, plus the challenges and lesson? Why do you consider them to be gifts?


Remember to consider the source of your gratitude and appreciate the abundance that is coming into your life. Regular gratitude and appreciation will rev up your energy and help you to create a more loving and fulfilling life.

When you have finished writing what you are grateful for breathe in love from your root chakra, up your body and into your heart and connect to your appreciation.

The heart of your gratitude

When you start your gratitude practice, bring your heart into your gratitude practice. Take a few moments to connect to what you are grateful for and follow the pathway or story. You will be fascinated by what comes up. In addition, when you start your heart chakra prompts, always bring gratitude into your responses.

It’s important as you connect with your heart, follow the roots to stay out of the story and to become a witness to what you observe. You may see, feel or sense memories, images, feelings, sounds, smells or tastes. Make a note and use them to learn from.


Follow your gratitude practice at least 3 times a week. For this week focus on your gratitude practice. Then as you move on, keep it as a part of your daily journaling. Add gratitude journaling to your daily ritual list.

Journal prompts

  • Twelve things I’m grateful for right now… Really feel into why you are grateful for these things. What do you appreciate what these things give you?
  • One freedom I often take for granted is...We often forget to say thank you for all that we have. Today start to acknowledge and appreciate your freedom. Consider why this freedom is important to you
  • Who were the most important people in your life this year? Sometimes when we feel low and disconnected, our light is rekindled by people that love us. Who are these people, and why are you grateful to them?

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