What's my book exercise - first steps to discovering your book

Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book

One of the best ways to get connected to writing your book is to try this fun and very simple exercise.

Try to not think too much, just write.

You know that you have a book inside of you, it is just waiting to be unleashed.

Imagine how it would feel to know what your next book is – just like that.

Grab yourself a piece of A4 paper and a pen and let’s go!

There are four steps to this

What next?

When finding the book in you, you need to ask yourself how much do you want to write a book, one which will help you to share your inspirational message and build your brand?

Getting connected to your non-fiction book. What is your books what?

Imagine that you’ve decided to write a book and you are feeling all shy and not sure what to tell anyone about it, when out of left field a friend discovers that you are about to pen something. The conversation might go something like this...

‘So, what’s this I hear, you are writing a book?’

‘Um, yes.’


‘And what?’

‘What’s it called?’

You clear your throat and declare boldly It’s called 'Fill in the blanks.’ You are thinking on your feet, the name wasn’t clear but this friend caught you off guard and you had no option. First thing that came into your head was this title.

‘And, what’s it about then?’

Why all the questions, you wonder, it’s none of their business. Actually, you have no idea, time to blag it. You take a deep breath and go for it.

What is your book about?

Pick up your pen and let the conversation continue. What started off as a germ of an idea has now surfaced into something more meaningful.

This is often how books emerge, through random thoughts and conversations. Later when you have time to reflect, the rest of your book idea will emerge.

Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book – why are you writing it?

There are many reasons to write a book. It’s important that before you start you know why YOU want to write it (see the last point that says you just may want to…). If you do not have a compelling enough reason, chances are this book will not get written.

Five reasons why you want to write your book

Build your personal brand

  • Being seen as an expert
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Clarity


  • Family and friends
  • To remember someone or an event
  • Leave behind your brilliance

Shared learning

  • Adversity Closure
  • To support others


  • Raise awareness
  • Raise funds

You just want to

There is nothing wrong with wanting to write a book because you want to and you may find another reason emerging as you do.

Your ideal reader wants to feel why you are writing your book

Your ideal reader will want to know what the book is about, of course, they do. More than that they want to have a feeling that it has been written for them. We get emotionally connected to books and the message behind them.

Consider the last book that you bought, why was that?

  • Did you have to buy it for a specific reason?
  • Did someone recommend it as a great book?
  • Was there something in particular you needed?
  • Was it about acquiring new knowledge that would help you?

Getting connected to your book – craft the book blurb

You do this step after a nights sleep. Put your book under your pillow and sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, grab your 'book' and pen and just write. When you have done this, take it out with you and share your book with others. This will create accountability and help you to make more sense of your book.

Writing the back blurb – your book’s description has to be one of the hardest things for an author to do. You have to put your sales head on. Not only that you have to condense a whole book into a few paragraphs – yikes!!!

The book blurb is about arousing curiosity, rather than providing answers. Although it should create a sense that you know the answers to their thorny questions. You are looking to draw your reader to “Look Inside”, browse through the first few pages, be inspired and make a purchase.

  • Imagine if you had 45 seconds to sell your book, what would be in those vital seconds?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How will your book fulfil its promises?
  • Is this the first of its kind?
  • What else?

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