Getting Ideas

Step 1 – Brainstorm ideas

I love to journal and I adore mandalas. There’s something incredibly relaxing about colouring a mandala in while letting a prompt run through your head. I’ve found in my journaling workshops that this is one of the most powerful ways for people to gain clarity. The idea or should I say ideas for my series of one day books were no brainers.

Sometimes we miss the most obvious ideas because we are so focused on creating our big book idea. If you are letting your mind get in the way, take some time out to journal and scribble. Ask yourself, what if I did write a short book, how would that feel?

I can tell you it feels great.

Have a think about what content you have either on a blog or in a course that you could easily re purpose into a simple book. It can be connected to your main business, a business you want to move into or a side hustle. The key is simplicity.

Let’s say that you are a money mindset coach, you could produce a journaling book that takes your reader through your money manifestation process, without all of the explanation that you might reserve for you brand busting book – that can come later.

What if you are a marketing consultant and your blog is full of tips. Need I say more?

Perhaps you are a therapist who specialises in relationships, you could also create a journal that enables the reader to move through a 21 day process of seeing their relationships in another light.

You may have a workshop manual that with a little zing added could become a beautiful book.

Action: Make a list of simple ideas where you know you have the content or can create it easily.

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